Why Shooting of Breonna Taylor?

I am so sad to listen to news about Breonna Taylor, an African-American medical worker in Louisville, Ky., was killed by Louisville Metro police department (LMPD) officers. Three plainclothes LMPD officers entered her apartment in Louisville, Kentucky, executing a no-knock warrant . consistent with the ny Times, “while the department had gotten court approval for a ‘no-knock’ entry, the orders were changed before the raid to ‘knock and announce,’ meaning that the police had to spot themselves.”
What happened to Breonna Taylor?
Ms Taylor was reception in bed in Louisville on 13 March, when cops entered her apartment shortly after midnight, her family says. She died after being shot in her hallway a minimum of five times.
Police said they knocked before employing a ram to enter the house , though this account has been disputed by Ms Taylor’s family and a neighbor. No drugs were found on her property and Ms Taylor has no record .
Ms Taylor was asleep together with her boyfriend Kenneth Walker, a licensed gun owner, consistent with her family. After being awoken, Mr Walker opened fire together with his pistol.
Mr Walker believed people were breaking in and he fired in self-defence, he told police during an interview on the night of Ms Taylor’s death.
In an sound recording of Mr Walker’s call to 911, he’s heard telling the emergency dispatcher: “I do not know what’s happening. Somebody kicked within the door and shot my girlfriend.”
Louisville police say they returned fire after one officer was shot within the leg. Officers didn’t provide medical care to Ms Taylor, as they were helping their colleague who had been hit within the shootout.
The police report contained numerous errors, including listing Ms Taylor’s injuries as “none” and saying no force was wont to enter, when a ram had been used.
Mr Walker was initially charged with attempted murder and assault of a policeman , but the case against him was dropped in May amid national scrutiny of the case.
“Having Breonna Taylor on the back of my jersey means such a lot more,” said Kristine Anigwe, a los angeles Sparks player, in an interview with The new york Times. “I can’t take anything for granted. I have to go there and play like it’s my last game because she didn’t know that would be the last day she would live. She thought she was safe in her own home.”

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