E-mail: My time is consumed, How?

E-mail is one of the most important means used to communicate both individually and corporately, and although many companies develop other applications for business management and communication among team members, e-mail remains the most widely used. In this article I will present my experience in reducing the time spent daily in reading emails which have been reflected in saving time for other tasks.

Making special folders

Various e-mail programs offer the feature of creating subfolders of main folders, which reduces the number of messages in them and thus the ability to easily access important messages. For example, you can create a master folder in the name of sales, and then make subfolders that emerge from which you represent the sales of each section, and so the messages are distributed regularly.

Managing tasks and alerts

Through the task management, messages can be directed to special folders based on conditions you choose, for example, the manager’s messages can be directed to the important email folder as well as activate the alarm when receiving important mail. This method needs some time at the beginning but the results are great and over time it will become easier.

Opening messages without reply

Avoid opening messages without responding directly to them as this leads to an increase in the number of open windows on the desktop and therefore things are mixed and you may forget to reply to an important message or it is not time to reply to them until late. The unread message comes with a nice feature that is display in bold letters to pay attention to it, so if you open the message you lose the display feature and appear as it already read.

Advertising sites

Many people make this mistake by using work email to register on advertising sites or posting them on social media pages, making them targets for advertising campaigns and spam. Having so many advocacy messages makes it difficult for you to access important messages and it also makes it challenge for you to delete them. I would therefore recommend using an alternative email that you use for these purposes.

As mentioned above, the task may not be easy at first but with time things will be better. Share your comment if you have other ways!

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