Fear of the computer

Who among us never thought that the world would be ruled by machines? Those of us who never imagined that computers were spying on us and that our lives were completely exposed to strangers. Have these ideas become reality? Is the fear of the computer real or is it just speculation? If you’ve already thought about these or other questions, let’s explore the dimensions of computer fear in this article.

Horrifying terms

Human fears the unknown thing, so he tries hard to explore it and learn about its advantages. From my point of view, this is learning — I don’t mean traditional education — that comes out of yourself and does the job of teacher and learner. When the industrial revolution began at the beginning of the 19th century, there was much controversy between supporters and opponents. The majority of people strongly rejected the power of the machines over the industrial and agricultural sectors and even feared it and considered it a source of threat. The situation is very similar now, many people are afraid of computers and related technology, considering it to be the reason for controlling many productive sectors. The term artificial intelligence frightens those who don’t understand its meaning, so ignorance of something makes you afraid. It is therefore important to start learning before judging the computer and fearing it.

Privacy and hack

Computer is used in all walks of life, private and public. There is no doubt that social media has increased the demand for computer as the best means of internet connectivity. The vast amount of personal information on internet platforms has made them vulnerable to being targeted by hackers, and many people’s ignorance of the appropriate ways to protect their data has increased the fear they have to use the computer. Despite the warnings and instructions provided by many sites, there is a gap between the user and the use of reliable ways to protect privacy. Which reinforces the fear of the computer.

Movies and science fiction

The film industry always succeeds in attracting viewers to its point of view, whether by acceptance or rejection, and it formulates public opinion according to the way it sees fit. The amount of films depicting the computer as the future enemy and as the next battle of human beings far outweighs any reliable scientific films that present the positive side that human will gain in the future. Therefore, specialists in this field should focus on changing this stereotype and putting scientific topics correctly away from the desire to make money by manipulating people’s imagination.

There are a lot of reasons to be afraid of computers, but once you’ve explored it, you realize what’s real and what’s not. Therefore, we must continue to search non-stop because the wheel of science is spinning non-stop.

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