Cloud computing, let’s get to know it!

I don’t think that any of us have never heard of the term cloud computing before or have ever wondered about its nature and what is the use of it? In this article, we will talk about cloud computing in an easy and simple way for everyone to understand, away from technical terms that are difficult for non-computer professionals to understand. Are you ready for this enjoyable journey? so let’s go.

A glimpse of history

Since starting to use computers in different sectors of life, the biggest challenge has emerged, which is how to share data between these different devices! It was not easy, everyone started looking for a way to transfer data, and portable storage units such as: Floppy Disk, CD were actually produced. It was appropriate at that time because the data volume was not as large as it is now. Despite the success of the mobile storage units in solving part of the dilemma, the challenge began to increase, and many problems emerged, the most important of which are:

  • The high cost of transferring data: as you may need a large number of mobile storage units to transfer a small portion of the data.
  • The data transfer was damaged: so the process was complicated and took a lot of effort and time.
  • Being exposed to theft: as moving sensitive data from one place to another may expose it to theft, which increases the costs of providing protection for it.

These were the main challenges despite the fact that there are many, and from here the search for another way to share data easily and securely began. And the new era began, which is the era of computer networks, where computers are linked into special groups by wires and information is transmitted through them. During the successive years, many developments were added to computer networks until the emergence of the Internet, which changed everything in our present time and became used in various walks of life.

What is cloud computing then?

It is a group of computer systems that you can access via the Internet or private networks and use them upon your request, without the need to purchase their own equipment. Mostly, cloud computing companies provide a tool to control through internet browsers and link it to your account to access and manage these systems.

Cloud computing offers many services, including:

• Cloud storage: If you do not have enough space to store data on your own device, you can reserve a cloud storage space to store data on it and access it when you want it securely and when it is finished you delete it. Examples include: Google drive, OneDrive.

• On-demand software: You may need to use a specific application to accomplish a specific task, but you do not have the money to buy it or you will not need it in the future, so cloud computing offers a customized software service, where you use it only when you need it without installing it on your own machine. Examples include: Google Doc, Microsoft Office ..

• Web hosting: Web hosting on the company’s devices may cause a lot of work pressure and cost, because it needs large computers to withstand pressure, devices to protect the site from breaches, as well as special software to save and restore data upon request. All these challenges disappear when hosting your site in the cloud, so you only have to focus on the content of the site and leave the rest of the tasks to the hosting company.

• Big data and its analysis: It has become difficult to perform the analysis of big data using office devices that need high speed and accuracy. Therefore, cloud computing offers various solutions for companies and institutions that help them analyze their data and make decisions easily.

Corona and cloud computing

Cloud computing, like other technology, has been subjected to many obstacles by those who doubt its efficiency and safety measures, but the Corona pandemic has significantly changed the concept of cloud computing and it has become imperative for all companies and institutions to seriously consider using it. All countries of the world have been subject to comprehensive and partial closures, which have prevented employees from reaching their offices and carrying out their normal office work, and consequently, countless losses. The matter was different for companies and institutions that adopted cloud computing services, as their employees continued to do their work from home and carry out their tasks as if they were in their offices, thus reducing the size of the losses caused by the Corona pandemic.

This was a quick overview of cloud computing, but talking about it is complex and needs a lot of articles to cover, so we will continue writing various topics about it, such as: artificial intelligence and machine language. If you, dear reader, are interested in this, leave a comment on the article and tell us what you think.

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