Working from home, my experience!

Many employers were never convinced of the idea of ​​working remotely, and they strictly limit employees’ working hours by following up on attendance and departure. The most pessimist could not have imagined that the whole world would stop and that a comprehensive ban would cripple all aspects of life. The Corona pandemic that struck the world has had a great impact on various walks of life, the most important of which is the economy, which is suffering under the weight of the almost complete cessation of the wheel of production, which led to the companies and institutions to reconsider all their policies, including working remotely. As everything has positive and negative aspects, and this is the case in working from home, and in this article I will discuss the positive aspects of working from home through my personal experience. Perhaps it will be useful to you as well, dear reader.

Work requires you to spend a long time in the office and come back tired after a hard day’s work to try for the remainder of your day to use it to stay as much as possible with the family, but life circumstances may not allow you to do that between buying what the house needs or meeting the invitation to social events and other Of the many things. The situation is not better at the end of the week. All outstanding matters during the week accumulate and must be resolved in it and postponed to the following week. Thus, you enter into an endless cycle. Working from home has given me the opportunity to spend more time with the family and do various household activities such as having coffee in the morning and sitting at the lunch table and what interspersed with the day’s conversations that increase intimacy and understanding, and it also renews energy to continue working because of the support and love of family members. . The children have the most beautiful share of this experience because there is sufficient and distributed time during the day to see your children who get used to being next to them, which makes them feel safe and that you are not busy with them all the time.

Stress and traffic jams

Driving for long periods causes a lot of stress for drivers, especially in crowded places, and I felt this tension a lot, as I used to spend nearly 10 hours a week going and returning from work. There is no doubt that this is due to tension that increases, especially in the morning before arriving at work, which negatively affects performance. This case is not individual, but it includes most of the employees and when measured at the level of the company or institution’s performance, we find that it negatively affects and in the long run it becomes worse. Working from home provides an adequate rest in the morning and avoids stress resulting from driving, and it also helps to use this time by reading or practicing various sports activities.

Mental and physical health

Most companies and institutions do not have activities that stimulate the employees, whether physical or psychological, and this aspect is not considered important at all, given that the work environment may be crowded with a large number of employees without providing comfortable work spaces or respecting the privacy of each of them. Such environments negatively affect the employee’s mental health, which certainly increases negative friction with his colleagues as well as customers, and the lack of places to practice physical activities such as walking increases the problem. As for working at home, it gives you the opportunity to practice the activities that you want at the appropriate times for you, and allocating a place at home to practice your favorite sport will greatly benefit your mental and physical health.

Many companies and institutions have adopted this approach with employees and made the option available to them to work from home, which led to an increase in productivity, according to many studies, in addition to reducing the burden on emerging companies that used money to promote and develop their products instead of the costs of hiring your mother to employees. In the end, I would like to share this picture with you of my office at home, and if you wish, dear reader, to publish a picture of your office as well, I would like you to write in the comments so that I can post it here.

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