Disadvantages of working from home, my experience!

In a previous article I talked about the pros of working from home, but everything has its positive and negative aspects. In this article, we will talk about the negatives of working from home that I have encountered through my personal experience.

Interact with colleagues

The work environment provides a suitable place for coworkers to interact and exchange experiences, where the employee comes into contact with his colleagues and does various activities such as drinking coffee and exchanging talk for some time, which leads to strengthening ties and relieving tension at work. Also, speaking face to face better expresses what is on your mind, especially in team meetings, this feature is missing when working from home.

Discipline and hours of work

This is one of the biggest problems faced by people who do not have time management skill, so you find him continuing to work late or not being able to prioritize working tasks. I encourage companies and institutions to train employees in advance on time management skills and to provide programs that help employees arrange the work priorities.

Lack of physical activity

Continuing to work for long periods causes many health problems resulting from a lack of physical activity. There is no doubt that working from home faces this challenge, as many employees do not engage in any kind of sport or even do some movements that energize the body. From my personal experience, I set an alarm almost every hour to remind me to get out of the office and move around the house with light exercises that help revitalize the body.

Lack of focus

Not all work from home environments are suitable, as many employees suffer from the inability to concentrate, due to several reasons, such as: the sounds of television and radio, or the crying of children loudly or the sounds of external disturbance such as the noise of cars. It is really a problem for those who do not find in their home the appropriate and quiet space to do the work, and it is possible to discuss this with the manager to find the appropriate solution or distribute working days from home at one time and from the company at other times.

In the end, each of us has a nature that adapts to what he loves, and from my point of view, leaving the door open for the employee to choose what suits him either working in the company’s headquarters or from home is the best option. What do you think, dear reader?

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