Typing in Japanese on PC using Microsoft IME on Windows 10

Many people complain after upgrading to Windows 10 1903 or higher version the Japanese keyboard (and other languages may face the same issue) doesn’t work. The suggested solution on the internet is: “Copy the dictionary files from a pre 1803 version from this path C:\Windows\IME\IMEJP\DICTS and put them on the same path in 1903″ which I totally do not recommend. So what is the solution?

Please note that the language packs have been moved to “Feature on Demand” (FOD) and need to be downloaded from Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center: https://www.microsoft.com/Licensing/servicecenter/default.aspx


  • Insert the Features on Demand media containing the source .cab files.
  • Extract these cabs and searched the extracted contents matching the names of the Japanese language.
  • Added this FOD cab file using DISM, type below command on CMD as admin:

    dism /online /add-package /packagepath:<path_containing_the_.cab_file>\ *.cab

You can deploy same steps in other languages issues. Please let me know if it resolved your issue in comments below.

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