Doodle for Google 2020 winner

The homepage for Google Search is one among the most-viewed sites on the earth because it powers billions of searches on a day to day . Google Doodles are a tool on the company’s homepage that are often accustomed highlight world issues, historic events, and celebrations round the globe. Every year, Google gives child anContinue reading “Doodle for Google 2020 winner”

Microsoft buys Bethesda for $7.5bn!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. It’s amazing news for Microsoft XBOX fans the Microsoft buys Fallout creator Bethesda for $7.5bn. What this means? Microsoft’s Xbox team significantly expanded its list of game development studios on Monday, announcing the acquisition of ZeniMax Media for $7.5 billion in cash. The entertainment company owns several industry-leading game developers, including Bethesda Softworks, theContinue reading “Microsoft buys Bethesda for $7.5bn!!!!!!!!!!!”

Why Shooting of Breonna Taylor?

I am so sad to listen to news about Breonna Taylor, an African-American medical worker in Louisville, Ky., was killed by Louisville Metro police department (LMPD) officers. Three plainclothes LMPD officers entered her apartment in Louisville, Kentucky, executing a no-knock warrant . consistent with the ny Times, “while the department had gotten court approval forContinue reading “Why Shooting of Breonna Taylor?”

Change notification settings in Windows 10

You’re working with your computer and a notification pops up on your screen. Maybe you want to be alerted to certain items, such as new emails and app updates. But you don’t want to be bothered by a barrage of notifications that interrupt whatever you’re doing. You can control which notifications you receive, where theyContinue reading “Change notification settings in Windows 10”