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What about “yagood technology”?

Many people reported that they were scammed by yagood technology. Most people read their advertisement on Facebook and assume it is a genuine business, but it is poorly mistake. Customers who ordered from yagood technology complain that they haven’t received any goods or money back and barely just now realized it had been a scam.

“YaGood Technologies” which is based in Hong Kong is a fraudulent company linked to many fraudulent online stores like,, e.t.c. is a name that is being used by cyber criminals to charge your credit card or where you payments are sent to after you buy from some fraudulent online store. 

I researched on Facebook about the company yagood technology or yagood technology hong kong but I could not find company page. Moreover, I tried to find yagood technology website or IP address with no luck. I found all feedback from different sits and blogs same: “Is it a scam? Yes. The company name is being used by cyber criminals that are advertising so called online stores mainly on Facebook and also on other platforms.”

“Scammed Got 3 of the same puzzles and they used another company name when I ordered Liyy I am in the process of disputing charges with my credit card company.”

“I got scammed on this site. Yagood technologies.
On June 2 2020…I had ordered, clothes. It was on FACEBOOK so I trusted it.
Dont know if I can get my money back?”

I suggest you that do not buy goods from any site that you simply think is suspicious and if you do then immediately a report with your bank to stop your card.

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